Samsung Fast Dual Car Charger, 25W+15W – Billaddare

SKU#: 8806090360800

  • Alltid energidriven i bilen
  • Biladapter med dubbel port för anslutning och laddning av kompatibla enheter via USB
  • För parallell snabbladdning av upp till 2 enheter samtidigt upp till 60 W
  • USB typ C-port: max. 45 W/USB-A-portar: max. 15 W
  • Kompatibel med PowerDelivery 3. 0, Quick Charge 2. 0 och Samsung Adaptive Snabbladdning certifierade produkter

399.00 kr

199 i lager

Samsung Fast Dual Car Charger, 25W+15W – Billaddare


Arrive at your destination with 100% charged devices using this Samsung Super Fast car charger.

With 60W of total output power and PD, QC, and AFC charging protocols, you will recharge any device in the blink of an eye. You can use the Samsung Super Fast Dual car charger even to recharge your laptop quickly. It is equipped with a 45W USB-C port and 15W USB-A port, which make it compatible with any device. It comes with a powerful 5A Type-C cable for charging supported devices.

– Original Samsung Super Fast Dual car charger with a 60W of total power
– 45W Type-C port and 15W USB-A port – for fast charging of any devices
– The Samsung Super Fast car charger comes with a 5A USB-C to USB-C cable
– With two charging outputs, so that you can recharge up to two devices at once
– It supports Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and Samsung AFC fast charging protocols
– Specially designed to become your faithful travel companion

– Input power: DC 12V-24V
– Type-C output: 45W max
– USB output: 15W max
– Total output power: 60W max
– USB-C cable: 1m, 5A

Package includes:
– Samsung Super Fast Dual Car Charger 60W
– Type-C to Type-C Cable 5A
– User Manual


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