Skärmskydd Galaxy S22 Ultra – UV Härdat Glas

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✓ Scratch resistance
✓ Full screen cover
✓ Thickness 0.33mm
✓ Easy installation

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Skärmskydd Galaxy S22 Ultra – UV Härdat Glas


UV Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra  

The super-thin 0.33mm glass preserves the sensitivity of the touch screen to be accurately responsive.
The perfect fit makes it easy to apply while getting a bubble-free result.

This full size tempered glass is designed to cover the entire surface of the screen.
The screen protector is “curved”, which means that it is specially manufactured for screens with either curved or rounded edges.

The 9H hardened screen protector protects your screen from scratches,
damage and is reinforced in order to increase the ability to withstand strikes and shocks.
The screen protector is mounted with the help of a UV glue that is applied to the surface of the screen.
This means that the cover is completely tight against the screen as the screen protector pushes all the UV glue to the entire screen and creates a vacuum.

If the screen protector breaks, the glass pieces are held together thanks to this silicone-based UV glue.


The screen protector has a water and grease-repellent coating with perfect transparency,
which results in the screen protector being barely noticeable.

A 9H hardness, which keeps the screen protector scratch-free from sharp objects and keeps your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protected.


✓ 9H Hardness
✓ Full screen cover
✓ Anti-fingerprint
✓ Scratch resistance
✓ Thickness: 0.33mm

Included in package:

1 x Tempered glass Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Alcohol pad
1 x Dust remover
1 x UV Light
1 x UV Glue

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